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How can one person do so many things?

Everything from design to LIVE UFO hunting and
a few things in between.

what I offer

Helping Other Aliens Unplug From the Matrix & Follow Their Dreams

Whether you're just starting to build your social media presence, don't know where to begin, or have a business you want to take to the next level, let's chat!

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design is the skeleton of your business. Branding is the body and soul. Aesthetics mean nothing without a solid strategy, and a solid strategy means nothing if it can’t be expressed.

Advertising & Marketing

I've been told my special talent is that I'm unconventional. If you're looking for something different and want to stand out, you've come to the right UFO ;)


A great photographer not only has good tools and knows how to use them but is also extremely motivated and determined to constantly improve their craft.

Video & FIlmmaking

Whatever your video needs, I got you. From social media ads, fitness & MMA, YouTube, interviews, to live streaming, and more.

Actor & Model

Not only can I work the camera, I can also act in front of it too. It's helpful to know what it's like on both sides. Ever since I was a little alien, I've had a passion for acting and now I've discovered my love for filmmaking as well.

UFO & Ghost Hunt Xperience

LOVE UFOs, the Moon & Stargazing? Join me for LIVE UFO hunting and LIVE Ghost Hunting. I've seen many incredible things you wouldn't believe! I love stargazing & UFO hunting. It's like watching a sci-fi movie, every time.

During my UFO hunts I record the sky in 4K and do astrophotography. I'd love to meet other UFO hunters, ghost hunters & paranormal investigators. Say hi! :)

following your dreams made simple

Helping Humans
(& Aliens)
Do What They Love

I'm passionate about doing things that make your soul happy and love helping others live their dreams.

We have one life to live. Let's boldly follow our hearts so when we're 80 years old, we can look back with zero regrets and say, "Yeah, I'm so happy I went for my dreams."

I followed my dreams and I'd love to help you do the same :)

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We take your passion & share it with the world.

Most people would love the freedom to work for themselves and follow their dreams. Not everyone believes it's possible or knows how to go about it.

Reach out with questions. At the very least I can offer motivational words of encouragement and advice.

I know often times the people closest to you, are the ones that believe in you the least and a stranger can be your biggest supporter.

I just want everyone to find happiness :)

ready for launch?

Let's Create
a Beautiful Brand

Let's share your passion with the world.
There are people half as talented as you following their dreams & earning a living from it. The only difference is that they have a remarkable belief in themselves.

What are you waiting for?

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