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Acrylic Monolith Resume "UNBOXING EXPERIENCE" for GREY

Acrylic Resume with Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker & Sound Module

It's tough standing out in a pile of resumes. Sending a typical, boring 8.5 x 11in resume won't cut it. Resume inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and Men in Black a little bit.

What's in this Unboxing Experience package:

(BOX 01) Black Monolith "Remove Before Flight" Box
1. Acrylic Resume
2. 2022: A Resume Odyssey video
3. HAL USB 9000 Talking Light Up Monolith
4. Artificial Grass Book with Espresso Dirt
5. The Matrix Die Cut Light Activated Sound Module
6. Interview Bites
7. Pull-Tab Portfolio Book (older work)
8. UFO / Not a UFO Spot Gloss Quick Reference Guide Biz Card
9. Notecards
10. Die Cut Book with ads for Grey (Newest work)

(BOX 02) Alien Cryostasis Escape Pod Monolith Box
1. Alien Prop with Hang Tag & Instagram Post T-Shirt

24in x 18in Resume Printed Under Acrylic Glass

Resume printed under 24in x 18in ultraHD Photo Print Acrylic Glass by Whitewall. Bottom right corner is a small, magnetic Bluetooth speaker.

On the back, a sound module that plays - Main Title: Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack)

acrylic monolith resume for grey advertising
Acrylic Resume with Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker & Sound Module
Alien Cryostasis Escape Pod Monolith Box 02
Pull "Remove Before Flight" tag to open box
remove before flight box 01
Black Monolith "Remove Before Flight" Box 01
Pull "Remove Before Flight" tag to open box
What's inside
Monolith USB inside with 2022: A Resume Odyssey video
Converted MOO business card holder. Inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. I wanted to come up with a unique way to showcase a black "monolith" USB drive that has the 2022: A Resume Odyssey video on it that I filmed and edited.
The final product resembles a black monolith, has a red LED light for the HAL 9000, the black USB inside, and a button activated sound module that plays, "Good evening Frank, everything is going extremely well." The sound bite is taken from the movie.
Coincidentally, Frank is the Creative Director I sent this to.
An artificial grass book with ads & Lavazza espresso for dirt
inHouseAlien Interview Bites Case Studies
Modified "Justin's peanut butter" jar.
Case Studies
FCB Health Rich Levy & Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich
Case Study 1
"The Gloriousss Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich" story is something I had to write during a job interview. I had fun with it and was offered a position. Not much to this story. Just an example of some spur of the moment creative writing.
Case Study 2
In college I had to submit my resume to Rich Levy from FCB Health for a chance to have my portfolio reviewed. I wanted my resume to stand out. So I did some research and found a picture of Rich giving a lecture with the headline, "HEALTHCARE ADVERTISING DOESN'T SUCK" I immediately knew what I had to do. I wrote at the top of my resume in the same big, bold Helvetica letters, "ARTHUR ALIEN DOESN'T SUCK" It was risky and I was unsure if it would work but it did. I got the chance to sit down with Rich and have my portfolio reviewed.
Months later I had the idea to take their Rumble Deck card game a step further and create an LED, magnetic board game printed under Ultra HD acrylic glass by WhiteWall that you can hang on the wall. See here Sent it to FCB Health and got another opportunity to sit down with some creatives and have my portfolio reviewed.
Pull-Tab Portfolio Book
Sliding the tab up raises the rabbit while simultaneously revealing the tagline, "Hybrid creative wearing many tinfoil hats."
Sliding the tab up raises the rabbit towards the UFO and...
...reveals the tagline, "Hybrid creative wearing many tinfoil hats."
UFO Quick Reference Guide Spot Gloss Business Card
I wanted to come up with an idea for a business card that would raise the probability of someone wanting to hold onto it. The "UFO and NOT A UFO Quick Reference Guide" was born, showing common UFO types finished in spot gloss.
Some UFO's are black which makes their shape impossible to see at night. With the added spot gloss and specific angle of light, the glossy black silhouette UFO is revealed.
Alien Prop with Hang Tag & Instagram Post T-Shirt
Don't have an inHouseAlien? Use this alien as a placeholder (until the real inHouseAlien arrives). This alien, custom hang tang, and t-shirt is part of the resume package I sent to Grey advertising in NY 2022.
T-shirt features a screenshot of an Instagram post from LevLane advertising. In 2016, I sent them an alien with a copy of my portfolio because it would be memorable and hard to miss. LevLane posted this picture on their Instagram of the alien sitting at their office with a caption, "We're all about employing people who are out of this world amazing" #TakeMeToYourLeader. At the top of the shirt I wrote, "Alien talent from PHL to NY. Equal opportunity employer. Human, alien & everyone in between." I, an alien from Philadelphia, looking to work in New York.
Did I get a job at Levlane when I sent the alien in 2016? No, but they did post about it on social media which is great and I was able to use their post years later as part of my resume package.
Show Us Your Office Alien #TakeMeToYourLeader Meaning, using the hashtag, show your very own alien prop, someone in the office that's "out of this world amazing", or someone that's all about that alien life.
Original IG post by LevLane from their office of the alien I sent them in 2016.
Notecards in package
Die cut book with ads for Grey

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