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Awareness Campaign

The goal was to spread awareness and remind people to keep two EpiPens on them because one EpiPen isn't always enough. 1 in 5 need a second shot.

The Final Result

Every superhero needs a sidekick. A fun reminder that an EpiPen is your child's superhero and a back up EpiPen is it's side kick, just in case. This is personified through cute, fury creatures.

EpiPen. Every superhero needs a sidekick
3-layered sticker to be placed in locations where EpiPens are located for easy recognition. Top layer= Two EpiPens are left. Middle layer= One EpiPen is left, time to refill. Bottom layer= Zero EpiPens left reminding you that it's critical you stock up. These stickers let everyone in the household know where these life saving EpiPens are located and how many are left. Babysitters and guests can also be informed.
Two EpiPens inside
1 in 5 need a second shot. Always keep a second EpiPen by your side
Missing a second EpiPen?
Get a handle on Anaphylaxis
EpiPen social media contest giveaway
EpiPen social media contest giveaway
In-store promotional materials
Handing out bags with one missing handle at checkout really drives the message home. Two is better than one. Always keep two EpiPens.
EpiPen Commerical part 1
EpiPen commerical part 2
EpiPen commerical part 3
Pharmacy messaging
EpiPen at Sesame Place

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