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FCB Health Board Game

World's first advertising agency board game

I had an idea to take FCB Health's Rumble Deck card game and build a board game to go along with it.

The Final Result

Nobody asked me to do this. I just wanted to. I mailed this to FCB Health and it got me an opportunity to come in and have my portfolio evaluated and get important feedback. This took a very long time to put together and was well worth it. This board game was printed by WhiteWall on an acrylic canvas designed for photography, attached magnets on the back to hold magnetic board pieces, LED lights, rule book, and score cards. You can play it on a table or while it's hanging on the wall. Not only is this a fun game, it's an ice breaker for new team members, it builds skills, increases teamwork and even gives the employer a chance to evaluate the team's strengths/weaknesses in a relaxed, fun setting.


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