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Job Interview Antics

A few years ago during a job interview I was given 15 minutes to come up with the concept, logo, and flyer concept for a fictional "YogaClub" business. I couldn't come up with much. So I went home that night, taking more time, I came up with this fun concept that I really enjoyed creating.

The Final Result

YogaClub is your fun, healthy alternative to the club scene. New York's only yoga studio open til 2am every Friday night. Enjoy club music, personalized diets, and complimentary health drinks. All of the fun and atmosphere of a night out at a club, minus the hangover. Ads show a mirrored comparison of a club compared to the YogaClub. Similar but different and better.

YogaClub Logo YO come to the Club
From the dancefloor to the yoga mat
Their morning after. Your night before.
From keg stands to head stands
Alternate ad concept using vector graphics
Raise the roof with us to house music. YogaClub poster.
YogaClub Commercial
YogaClub Commercial

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