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Acrylic Resume with Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker & Sound Module. Resume package created for Grey Advertising NY. Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey.
inHouseAlien Ads. Series of ads showing what it would be like having your very own inHouseAlien working at your ad agency."What's up with the cockroach love letter?"The cockroach love letter is from the perspective of a two-inch roach that watched me work many late nights at a previous position and crawled up my arm a couple times. Humor, love, deception, and oatmeal with blueberries. A love story unlike any you've ever read before. Read my resume bio for more.
Job Interview Antics. A few years ago I had a job interview at Video Helper. I had an idea to create something that would show their process of how to search for production music on their website, in a fun and easily digestible way. Get it, digestible? The Final Result. I re-designed a Hamburger Helper box with an infographic on the back explaining the process of searching for production music on their website (the right way) It's basically like instructions for a recipe. A Video Helper production music search recipe. Actually, I never did show them this final product.
World's first advertising agency board game. I had an idea to take FCB Health's Rumble Deck card game and build a board game to go along with it.The Final Result. Nobody asked me to do this. I just wanted to. I mailed this to FCB Health and it got me an opportunity to come in and have my portfolio evaluated and get important feedback. This took a very long time to put together and was well worth it. This board game was printed by WhiteWall on an acrylic canvas designed for photography, attached magnets on the back to hold magnetic board pieces, LED lights, rule book, and score cards. You can play it on a table or while it's hanging on the wall. Not only is this a fun game, it's an ice breaker for new team members, it builds skills, increases teamwork and even gives the employer a chance to evaluate the team's strengths/weaknesses in a relaxed, fun setting.
Job Interview Antics. A few years ago during a job interview I was given 15 minutes to come up with the concept, logo, and flyer concept for a fictional "YogaClub" business. I couldn't come up with much. So I went home that night, taking more time, I came up with this fun concept that I really enjoyed creating.The Final Result. YogaClub is your fun, healthy alternative to the club scene. New York's only yoga studio open til 2am every Friday night. Enjoy club music, personalized diets, and complimentary health drinks. All of the fun and atmosphere of a night out at a club, minus the hangover. Ads show a mirrored comparison of a club compared to the YogaClub. Similar but different and better.
Awareness Campaign. The goal was to spread awareness and remind people to keep two EpiPens on them because one EpiPen isn't always enough. 1 in 5 need a second shot.The Final Result. Every superhero needs a sidekick. A fun reminder that an EpiPen is your child's superhero and a back up EpiPen is it's side kick, just in case. This is personified through cute, fury creatures.
Pep Boys & Bigfoot. The challenge was to come up with a unique concept to liven up the brand.The Final Result. Funny and spooky ads using bigfoot and the paranormal, just in time for Halloween.
Harley Davidson & Redwood Creek Wine. The challenge was to market an alcoholic beverage that Harley Davidson riders are least likely to drink.The Final Result. I chose wine since it's a good challenge. Clever copy and visuals brings both worlds together- Wine and motorcycles, giving the perception that wine is more badass than beer.
Awareness Campaign. Chipotle was implicated in at least five foodborne illness outbreaks between 2015 and 2018. The Final Result. This campaign is an exploration of a way to communicate that Chipotle no longer has any tainted ingredients and only uses the highest quality ingredients. The second concept is a tongue-in-cheek Valentine's Day campaign.
Helping the World. This campaign is about helping the world in the long run, not a quick marketing ploy to make a fast buck. It's designed to actually help people and keep the cycle going. Chipotle was implicated in at least five foodborne illness outbreaks between 2015 and 2018. This campaign was designed in 2015 as a college assignment to get people to get people to love Chipotle again.Paying it Forward Just Tastes Good
Versace Website Re-Design & Campaign. The assignment was to re-design the Versace website and create a campaign that appeals to a younger, more tech savvy audience.The Final Result - Pets in Italy. Partnering with Pets in Italy because Versace is an Italian brand and everyone loves dogs. Pets in Italy is a resource for dog adoption and more. Fun social media posts showing dogs you can adopt wearing Versace clothes grabs people's attention and witty copy encourages pet adoption. A virtual fitting room encourages interaction with products and the website. This also extends Versace's product line to dogs. Virtual fitting room allows the user to upload a picture of themselves and their dog and try on matching outfits. Part of the proceeds go to Pets in Italy.
Print Ad & Copy. The goal was to come up with a name for a new allergy spray and design a print ad.The Final Result. I came up with the name AllerGenie and a visual of two dandelions symbolizing dry eyes.
Remembering a Champion. Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist. Nicknamed "The Greatest", he is widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated figures of the 20th century and as one of the greatest boxers of all time.The Final Result. Champion performance on or off the road. Who better to promote the Champion brand than the champ himself?
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